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ai autocomplete text tool

Today we released an AI autocomplete set of commands that help you generate content with AI even faster!

The AI autocomplete text tool lets you do a few different things by just typing / anywhere in the document:

  • Finish your current sentence you're writing inside of the Typli AI editor

  • Generate a unique image based off of what you've already written

  • Create H1, H2, or H3 headings to spur inspiration for your next topic

  • Produce numbered or unordered lists based off previous text in the document

  • Or even a quote related to what you're writing about

You can also press ++ to quickly finish the sentence or paragraph where you're writing.

ai autocomplete quoteWhen you combine some of these features together, you can get inspired quickly and produce some beautiful content. For example, Try creating an AI bullet list and then using the AI paragraph autocomplete to write sections under each bullet point. It makes generating outlines for longer articles a breeze!

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author - Daniel Errante

Daniel Errante

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Daniel is a software engineer, entrepreneur and AI enthusiast who has a passion for writing great software and coaching software development teams on how to build reliable, scalable and secure software. Over the past few years he has developed an interest in building artificial intelligence applications and is the head software engineer at

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