New Typli Features: DALLE-3, GPT4 Updates, Free Blog Outline Generator and More

a starburst resembling new typli feature releases

We've released some cool new features at Typli. Most notably,

  • All ai writing commands have been upgraded to the latest GPT4 model, gpt-4-1106-preview, that has access to events up to April 2023.

  • Image generation capabilities have been upgraded to use DALL-E-3

  • A free AI blog outline generator that helps you create blog post outlines with a unique h1 title, h2s, h3s, meta description, intro and conclusion paragraphs, and a teaser intro paragraph. You can download all of the results as a CSV for creating quick outlines for bulk articles.

  • A free AI meta description generator for your website content that will generate up to 10 unique variations for a topic and/or keyword.

Sign up for Typli to see how you can use all of these tools together when writing!

You can get a synopsis of the OpenAI release updates here:

Or you can watch the full event on OpenAI's new releases here:

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